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Sri D.Ramacharylu alias D.Rambabu was born in Tirupathi, the foot hills of Tirumala. He has born as a Third child to Sri D.V.Chari and Smt,D.Venkatalakshmi. Sri D.V.Chari was worked as an Executive engineer in TTD and Tirumala for more than 3 decades. Smt.D.Venkatalakshmi was a House wife. They belong to an orthodacs vaikhaanasa priest family in Andhra Pradesh. Sri Rambabu has got two brothers, elder to him and three sisters who are younger to him. His parents are known for the discipline.

He has completed his graduation from S.V.University, Tirupathi. After his graduation he went to Hyderabad to do 3 years articlesship in Chartered Accountancy. After completion of articlesship he came back to Tirupathi and did his Post graduate diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. Since his father was working as an Executive Engineer in TTD at Tirumala, he had a close association with Sri B Nagi Reddi Garu during the period when he served as a Chairman of TTD Board. Lot of developmental programmes were taken up by Sri D.V.Chary, father of D.Rambabu with the encouragement and support of Sri B Nagi Reddy garu, like shelter through out the foot path, illuminated Sanku, chakras on the top of hills of Tirumala near Chukkala Parvatam, 2nd Ghat Road to Tirumala, etc.

His acquintence with Sri B Nagi Reddi Garu made Sri D.V.Chary to request Sri.B.Nagi Reddy Garu for a favour of providing a job for his son in Vijaya Hospital. D.Rambabu was appointed as a clerk in Vijaya Hospital in 1984 with a monthly salary of Rs.500/- by Sri B.Nagi Reddi garu. He was one among very few whom Sri B Nagi Reddy has interviewed directly and taken to his organisation. Mr.Rambabu was provided a small room inside the premises of Vijaya Hospsital. He was new to Chennai and he does not know the language of Tamil. His collegues used to tease him. But he never antaganised them. When he married in 1985, his Managing Trustee Sri B Nagi Reddi Garu has increased his salary from Rs.750/- to Rs.900/- p.m.

Just opposite to Vijaya Hospital, Vijaya Garden is located where most of the Telugu and Tamil movies were used to take. Mr.Rambabu was joined recently and he wanted to see the shooting of a film in Vijaya Garden. When he went there the watchman near the gate has chased him and not allowed him to enter inside Vijaya Garden.

It is to our surprise, the watchman who has chased Mr.Rambabu for Vijaya Gardens gate in 1984, the same watchman has opened the gate when he wanted to go inside the Gardens in 1985 with a salute. It is not a great thing but after 20 years the same watchman came to Mr.Rambabu for a job as he is struggling for even one time food. Mr.Rambabu remembered him and provided a watchman job on contract basis at Vijaya Health Centre.

With his hardwork, sincererity, Loyalty and with his good behavior and attitude, within two years of his appointment he has got three promotions like Cashier, Accountants Asst, Accountant and in 1986 he was promoted as a Chief Accountant. He has become close to Sri B Nagi Reddi Garu and he started trusted him after conducting number of direct and indirect tests on him. He has become a General Superintendent in 1992 for Vijaya Health Centre and General Manager finance and accounts in 1998. After the death of Dr.P.Nanjundiah, General Manager, Administration who is the mentor of Rambabu, in 2006, he has promoted as General Manager for Vijaya Group of Hospitals, where 1700 employees were working for 700 inpatient beds with 100 consultants. Now at present it has grown to 800 beds with 2200 employees. Still he is only one General Manager who is managing entire group of Hospital with the support of staff, management and Doctors. He has become one of the family members of Sri B.Nagi Reddy Garu, Founder Vijaya Hospitals, and a lovable General Manager for all the employees of Vijaya Group of Hospitals.

But he has never changed and we cannot see a pinch of ego in him. Though he has experience in Hospital administration for more than 30 years still he learn things as if he has joined in employement recently. God has given him a great gift of listening and smiling. He never reacts for other emotions and actions. He is one of the successful personalities who came from Andhra Pradesh and settled in TamilNadu especially in Hospital Administration. When we ask what is the secret of his Success, he says “Individually we should workhard with so much of involvement in work and collectively, it is a team work. More than any thing else it is our attitude which determines our success”.

Rarely we see the tiresomeness in his face even at 6 pm in the evening. He deals different issues with different modulations and he wil never get upset with the issues. But his mind will always works towards solving the issues. He never carries the moods of one issue to the other.

The amazing character of him is helping staff and people even those who have done harm to him. He helps many patients coming from Andhra by directing them to the Consutlants and giving them the informations about the patient conditions and the treatment as they have a language barrier.

In 2012, at the age of 53 yrs. he has submitted thesis on Hospital management to the University in USA and he was awarded Phd. He has become a Doctarate among doctors.